Creation of personalized items 

PromoZIG puts all its expertise and experience at your disposal for the creation of personalized items.

Personalized guidance for your project

Personalized objects have great importance in the professional world. In fact, they allow you to drive the image and identification of your business to partners and clients. Whether it's for showing gratitude, launching a product, development of visibility or an approach to retaining clients, these items represent top promotional vehicles. Of course, everything depends on the manufacturing quality. PromoZIG assists you in your selection of products as well as their design. We can advise you and guide you toward items suited to your goals and your budget. You can also call upon is for your advertising products, and company and corporate gifts.

We assist you from the design to the manufacturing of your personalized items

Experts in creation

The creation of personalized items can turn out to be a real challenge. The various design and production stages require real expertise in the field. PromoZIG has the skills and equipment necessary for the success of your project. Our team of graphic design professionals undertakes the modelling of your objects based on your designs. You'll enjoy attentive and precise work that meets your requirements. We always wait for your approval or modifications before proceeding with the production process of your items. We also make your commemorative medals, trophies, golf accessories, pins, key chains, office accessories, etc.

We guarantee quality and customized creations

What are the advantages of PromoZIG?

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Personalized creations
  • Quality products

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